In 1973 in Rize is a modest life with atolye CONSTRUCTION SAF entering the market, growing from day to herself that she participated principle began to grow rapidly.


In 1990, the construction moved to Istanbul in Turkey in the Black Sea in the construction industry's one of the leading companies in the façade was aiming to be.


From 1990 to 1996, using indigenous systems and business capacity arttırdı.düny market share in the sector in the market to have a say in the facade industry infrastructure was completed.




In 1997, the biggest in Europe and extrusion system with the power of the merged firm brought HUECK Hartmann, and Hueck's Turkey was mümemsil. Thus, with the support of experience in the German homeland and abroad for its goal of becoming the industry's leading companies, we have made the greatest investment.




Solution partner in all the projects that we are Hueck-Safi Building Hartman and begin collating the experiences have contributed.





STAR WAS BORN IN 1998 - the first time in İKİTELLİ project was started to be used Hueck-Hartmann system.




In 2000, no longer think we need to be pathetic to abroad first foreign firms heat-Turkmenistan project was also with IRON GROUP Ertel.




Today more than 10 countries across the world in the light-SAF just finished building, every night of the gun in an effort to span the magnification is. Ist Russia Want to get the most northern of the east Asia's most important for us is that only customer satisfaction.




When armed with the gun a very different concept from the bug and assign numerous projects in different locations CONSTRUCTION SAF, everywhere and at every turn the concept continues the claim; From the airport to the hospital, from school to the mall or to the office of housing everywhere we are with you.




Our experience that our signature everywhere you can feel your back.





Board of Directors